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Loving Life   by Lara.  

My name is Laine and I live in South Bend, Indiana. 

I'm glad you're here.  If you have discovered that living alone can be the best part of your life, especially in older age, then you can find ideas here to make it even better and easier. 
Books to read, blogs to explore, recipes to tweak and make your own.  The lists are all under the headings above.





June 01, and on the edge of summer here in South Bend, Indiana.  Weather is being capricious which is not unusual in the Midwest.  Temps have been up to 90 degrees in mid-daytime, and then back down to 46 or so.  It keeps us watching the TV predictions and keeping our heavier jackets handy.

My daffodils, irises, and a few peonies are blooming already.  Beautiful in the backyard and outshowing the weeds that need pulled out.

And it is so encouraging to have sunny warm days and feel hopeful for the covid-19 vaccinations to protect those of us who got the vaccine and are ready for more errands and lunches out with friends again. 


But many have not and don't want to.  Statistics show that over 40% of Americans have taken the painless shot and are feeling safer from the disease.  Out local Kroger has taken down the sign requiring masks in the store.  But I wear mine anyway because of all those not vaccinated and not wearing masks either.  I'm a Nervous Nellie! 

I do enjoy talking to you here on my Home page at least once a month.  You have slowly become returning viewers and I do appreciate you coming to visit.

If you click the red P up in the left corner you will immediately transfer to my Pinterest page.  There are so many Pinterest pins, thousands of them on the whole website that I am slowly collecting ones I think would interest you.  And many that just simply fascinate me.  

I've made a number of pins myself hoping to attract more viewers here.  You know by now how that works.  And if you don't, then click into Pinterest and prepare to find pins that interest you, whether mine or not.  

What a fascinating world the Internet has brought to us.  Not all good, but mostly so.  Certainly worth exploring.  So, go to it.  Have a good time.  Be safe in your online explorations.  And safe in your daily life avoiding covid-19 but getting back out there in the world around you.  Vaccinated and masked?

Til next time.  Have a happy life.


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