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Well, now it is May 6th and Spring has sprung in the backyard with yellow

daffodils surrounding the base of the oak tree that's just beginning to green up. And white narcissus clusters on tall stems with exotic perfume are blooming under the long windows in the sunroom. 


I hope that you all have flowers growing someplace where you can see them from your windows on the world outside.  We need these yellow and white and green harbingers of a healthy earth going through its seasonal routine.  

The pandemic is still with us but vaccines and social behavior, being careful of each other, is slowing down the sickness spread and perhaps by Fall we humans will be healthy again just like the earth we live with.  

I am feeling cheerful today because May 6th is my birthday...all my years  piled up into 80 this time around.  I am in a bit of a shock.  And pretending the total is just 60. 


Somehow sixty to me is a woman having become thoroughly herself through both good times and bad, and maintained her sense of humor and love of life.

But eighty is still a mystery that I hope to solve through the next ten years.

I hope that you all are able to be more cheerful, too, with loosening restrictions on gettogethers and hugs and all that good stuff we've been missing.  If nothing else, this virus pandemic has helped us to remember

how much we need our families.  How much we all need those hugs.


And how good life can be when everyone is healthy.

Hug someone you haven't seen in a while.  Hug your dog if no one else

is around.  Hug an oak tree.  Stay healthy so you make it to 80 also.







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