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Best 7 Dogs For Living Aloners

.If you're a dog lover, live alone, and have a job then you need to find a way to have your loyal canine companion happy while you are gone. 


Not all dogs can be alone for hours at a time and keep from being depressed, destructive, or downright sick.  You need to have a healthy little dog at home.

And to keep him or her in good health, have this longtime bestseller on hand, Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook.  It is indexed for easy finding of symptoms your little friend may be showing.

Also you need to be as healthy as possible.  And new studies maintain that petting our little furry roommate releases stress-fighting hormones in our bodies such as oxytocin. prolactin, and serotonin. 


These help reduce our own depression tendencies and lower our blood pressure.  So, living alone with a pet can be a mutually beneficial one-on-one healthy little lovefest.   

Here are a few that can tolerate spending time alone while you work to support her or him with tasty dog food and lots of chewy toys. If you don't already have a best fur friend, then consider one of these.

Shih Tzu - 9-10" height, 9-16 lbs, 10-18 years life expectancy, loyal to owner, sometimes hard to house break, flat face, long hair, pretty dog.


Pekingese - 6-9" height, up to 14 lbs, 12-14 years life expectancy, also loyal to owner, long hair on head and shoulders, alertness makes for good watchdog, is independent, sometimes nervous, intelligent.  

Dachshund - 8-9" height, 16-32 lbs, 12-16 years life expectancy,can be aggressive, stubborn, intelligent and curious, one-person dog, has lots of personality but not good with children or strangers.

Chihuahua - 5-8" height, no more than 6 lbs, 14-16 years life expectancy,also aggressive, overly loyal to owner, dislikes children usually, charming, a tiny dog with a big dog attitude.  Very smart.

Boston Terrier - 15-17" height, 12-25 lbs, 11-13 years life expectancy, no separation anxiety here, intelligent, independent, sometimes stubborn, good for indoor living like apartment, easy to live with and a lovable personality.

Miniature Schnauzer - 11-14" height, 10-15 lbs, 12-15 years life expectancy, intelligent, quick to learn, good guard dog, comfortable alone with toys to play with, easy to train and affectionate.

Peekapoo - a mix of Pekingese/Poodle, has best traits from both, very intelligent, easy to train, doesn't mind being alone, but good companion.

Actually, most mixed breeds with Poodle as half of them are intelligent, affectionate, and easy to train. 


There are other small dogs that do well when having to spend daytime hours alone. But these are some of the best for a person who lives alone and has only evenings and weekends with her furbaby.  

Click into the American Kennel Club (AKC) website for more information on these dogs and lots of others.

And if loving your little dog and you also like to cook, you might want to feed your furry friend healthy food you mix up in your own kitchen. Get help from this book, Home Cooking For Your Dog: 75 Holistic Recipes For a Healthier Dog, by Christine Filardi.   

Your furbaby will probably love being your taster. 

And a fun website, has matching tees and button-downs and warm flannels for both of you, making you dog and human twins.     


And being a dog lover you already know that living alone is better when shared with a loyal little companion who thinks you are perfect.  

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