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September 03, 2020

Welcome to my blog.  My name is Laine.  Just click on the headings to find stuff that might enhance your life and make living easier for you.  I love living alone and hope that you do, too.

This is Thursday, September 3, 2020.  I'll talk to you here off and on.  And let you know of a new post, of which there will be many as I'm just getting started writing to you online.  And hope that you return often to check into my world.

And I'm keeping in mind that this is a strange time for all of us as we deal with the Virus Pandemic.  Starting this blog is my way of dealing with the uncertainties in the world now.  I hope that you have found ways to deal with your new daily life, too.


Perhaps this will help lighten your daily similarities. Like, is today Thursday again?


Clicking on About Me will give you some information on me and my family.  And a current photo of me in my less than glamorous normal every-day-self. And clicking on About You will tell how this blog became directed to the woman living alone and liking it.

I am hoping to write topics that will help you to make a comfortable and satisfying life for yourself living alone.  Or give you information on where to find resources that will give you ideas for your home's decor.  Or talk about the best ways to do things.  Some recipes, some of the best books to read on a chilly winter night.

Everything and anything to make your life contented while living alone.  That's my goal.  

So please browse my website.  I'll set up a comments area soon so you can give me feedback or criticism or an idea I haven't written on yet.  





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