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Breakfast Milkshake For One

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Breakfast seems to have become anything goes anymore with milkshakes and smoothies competing with yogurt soaked fruit.  Strange new healthy ways to wake up in the morning. 


But I cherish the memory of watching my grandpap fix his favorite first meal of the day.  He carefully tore up two of grandma's home made lightcakes (rolls), sprinkled them with sugar, then poured yesterday's cold coffee over all. 


He lived next door.  I was there a lot on summer mornings to watch him make his Coffee Soup.  He's been gone now sixty years and I still miss his gentle quiet ways.


My own breakfasts are varied but I like this smoothie-like-milkshake because it can be made quickly, providing benefits from the whey protein powder and the fruit. 


I prefer whey protein because it absorbs quickly into the body and helps lower blood sugar levels.  The strawberry and banana fruits add fiber and vitamins. 


This makes for a fast and easy start to the day.


8 ozs.  Milk

Handful of corn flakes, bran flakes, any cereal 

One large tablespoon of strawberry jam

1/2  Banana

2  Strawberries  (optional but good if on hand)

1/4 - 1/3  Cup Whey protein powder, or any kind your preference

Mix up in the blender.  The bran makes it a bit gritty but easy to drink.


This milkshake is thick and very filling for a liquid breakfast. 

You can experiment with blending different fruits and using a protein powder other than whey if you prefer.  However you do it this is an easy and healthy way to start your day with enough light calories to carry you til lunch.  

I have a cup of coffee with mine and think of Grandpap often.


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