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Lemon Chicken Summer Salad

Here's a cool salad for weekend lunches on the patio or balcony when it's too hot to cook but you are hungry anyway.  Again, an amount to serve visiting friends, about 3 of them, on light summery plates

Your friends are going to come over for your cooking anyway.


This is one way you can disguise leftover chicken in a new dish.

3  chicken breasts cooked and cut in one inch cubes

1  cup Realemon juice (or fresh squeezed if you prefer)

1  splash of lime juice

1  can of black beans drained 

1  small onion sliced in rings

1/2 small green pepper minced

    several scoops of mayonnaise,

    four hard cooked eggs

    drizzle of blue cheese dressing


Pour citrus juices over the chicken cubes.  Stir to coat all pieces.

Add drained black beans.  Slice onion into rings and mince pepper.

Add to chicken mixture and keep stirring to cover all with the juices.

Marinate in the refrigerator for at least an hour.

Then drain juice not absorbed by the chicken and veggies.  

Add several heavy spoonfuls of mayonnaise to your taste.

Stir gently, cover, and refrigerate.

To serve, arrange scoops of salad on fresh lettuce leaves. 

Quarter the eggs and place around edges of the chicken mixture.

Drizzle all with a blue cheese dressing. 


Add a very cold drink.


Some fresh crunchy rolls and...lunch is ready!

Mix Stuff Together

Chop Stuff 

Serve Salad

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