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New Year's Suggestions 2021

Do you make New Year's Resolutions and then wallow in guilty failure somewhere around March 30th?  Three months of trying hard to stick to them with willpower and determination? 


And then hitting the wall around Spring when wanting to live lighter, easier, and without guilt, no matter what.


Those of us past the age of fifty usually don't try anymore.  Age truly does bring wisdom once in a while. And this website is for the mature woman on her own who is full of wisdom! 


You know that it is better to avoid your own guilt trip and just skip the heartfelt resolutions at year's end.

So no hard and fast rules here, just a few gentle suggestions that might make your daily life easier, healthier, and happier.

*  Look in a full length mirror and decide to like what you see.

*  Eat more fruits and drink more water.

*  Read more really interesting books.

*  Take vitamins if not already a daily habit.

*  Think about quitting smoking. 

*  Get a mani/pedi regularly.

*  Volunteer someplace you like.

*  Call your grown children once a week.

*  Be grateful no matter what.

*  Be contented like a puppy.

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