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Gift Ideas (Work-In-Progress)


Though Christmas is long gone for a while, gifts are always needed.  This list of items is worth checking out if you like odd things that can't be found everywhere.  And some that can. But are more easily ordered from Amazon. 


And if you don't yet have a Prime subscription, then go see what benefits you are missing here...for starters...then click into Amazon's Prime page to get the full scoop of what you're missing.

And the links here are in rich red, instead of hot pink, to show up better on this gorgeous color. (I am intoxicated by color.)  Check them out!  


1.  Treasure Chest Recipe Box

2.  The Keepsake Kitchen Diary

3.  Retro Apron With Ruffles

4.  Antique Stoves 

5.  The Photostick photos backup

6.  Organic Chia Seeds

7.  FlipFork for grill

8.  BBQ GRill Set

9. Granite Mortar And Pestle

10.Digital Meat Thermometer

11.Pizza Cutter Wheel

12.Black + Decker Cordless Dustbuster

13.Single Serve Coffee Maker

14. Cotton Outdoor Hammock

15. Adorable Girl Planter Pot

16. Portable Car Battery Jumper

17.  Starscope Monocular for iPhone

18.  Pocket Language Translator

19.  Car Electronic Diagnostic Tool

20.  Wi-Fi Area Extender

21.  Drone Camera For Beginner

22.  Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

23.  Fire TV Stick With Alexa Remote Control

24.  Handheld Classic Retro Video Games

25.  Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

26.  Photo Stick For iPhone 

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