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Living In Time Of Pandemic

Now April 14th, and I am feeling lazy for not having written since February 10th.  The cold weather has made me sluggish, I suspect.  And the virus that we're taking vaccine shots for has depressed me with its effect on life in general. 

And I worry about all the rest of you and wonder how you are doing in this Time of Pandemic.  It will eventually become a "time" defined and discussed in history books like the Spanish Flu Pandemic in 1918.  College history classes told me that it takes at least twenty years to gain perspective on a particular period or situation. 

So, maybe in 2041 we'll better understand what caused this tragic loss of over half a million Americans and many more around the world.  And know how to avoid such a tragedy ever again.  But we have to deal with it now and live through another twenty years to gain such knowledge.


Knowing this is no excuse for not talking to you for over a month. I am sorry, and working on my optimism.  And I hope that you have found ways in which to remain optimistic yourself and had some measure of cheerfulness every day.


Here are a few I have discovered. 

Cooking always makes me feel better about life in general, something about being creative and having something to show for it.  Or perhaps just feeling more in control of something in my life while ignoring the uncontrollable outside world.  Whichever, making something in my kitchen restores my equilibrium.  

And one bright side of our new way of living, meaning self-quarantine in our homes, is the rearrangement of TV talk shows.

The new way of TV people broadcasting from their homes has reduced most of their common denominators to more casual conversations, a shared empathy of "we're all in this together," and a determination to remain hopeful for recovery from this pandemic despite the deadly toll on families.

I admire these changes.  It comes from a common spirit that adapts to whatever comes along to keep daily life in place, and not just for TV commercial reasons.  People seek a continuance of routine in order to remain stable.  Not just TV shows, but in all of their daily life.

And I had to admit, I am enjoying seeing a bit of each presenter's home that shows behind them on the screen.  Several TV personalities have said the same and then laughed at our mutual nosiness.  

Another upside to all this mandated imprisonment at home is the number of fathers who have discovered that they like playing games with their children.  And seem surprised at themselves when they talk about it.  Who wouda thunk?  Good for them.

People have found new books to read and older classics to re-read. Enjoyed movie nights more often with the family.  And bloggers have filled up their hours alone with online essays, book reviews, and fashion advice.  Sigh...

So this blog already has a Mystery heading with a Smokescreen title and a 'Coming Soon' comment.  My half-finished mystery will soon show up there, revealing to any viewer a probably unwise ego-driven exposure of me.

It will never be published so I am giving my characters a place to live online.  I hope that they are strong enough to survive it and to forgive me.  

And I hope that all of you who come here to visit are staying as healthy as you can.  Masking up, washing hands, and getting the vaccine shot.  It is totally painless, surprise, surprise!  So, please get it.

Til next time,


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