Amazon Prime Benefits 

The offers from Amazon under their Prime Benefits are worth buying at a monthly or annual rate with cancellation possible at anytime. 


Worth checking out before the Holidays whether you live alone or not.

Some of the benefits are listed below, but click HERE to see the full range of what is available with a subscription.


And remember that it is safer to have a purchase shipped free directly from an Amazon warehouse with your Prime membership.  Otherwise, it may be coming from somewhere else in the world taking two months to arrive.  


*   Unlimited fast free shipping.

*   20% off on baby supplies like diapers and baby food.

*   Whole Food Market exclusive deals for subscribers.

*   Thousands of movies and TV shows.

*   Gaming with free games online.

*   Over 2 million free music recordings.

*   Free books and magazines.

And much more, just click above to see all your benefits under PRIME.

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