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Best Two Air Fryers / Big & Small

If you are still holding down a job, either fulltime or parttime, and want home cooked food for your supper, then you might want to add an air fryer to your kitchen's equipment.


They have become indispensable due to their ease of use and faster cook times.  Especially for women who have a job and less time and energy for cooking when home after work. 

I've been experimenting with one I bought from QVC just for fun as I do like to cook.  But usually do simple things weeknights, keeping fancier fixings to the weekends. 


I found the air fryer ideal for taking less time to do small meals for myself during the week.  And I like it so much that I'm thinking of getting a larger one for weekend cooking for friends and family.    


So I researched the air fryers offered on Amazon.  And found a couple thousand of these kitchen wonders available. Click the pink if you want to check these out.  


Who has time to go through a thousand of these newfangled cookers and choose the ones that would suit best? 


Not to mention that comparing the multifunctional abilities of these machines is absolutely confusing!  

So I searched for certain details such as preset times, auto shut-off, quart capacity, and read reviews both positive and a few negative. 


Some brands had problems with leaking puddles of steam on the counter top.  Some had melting rotisserie bars or a toxic smell after heating.


And a few just stopped working after a couple weeks of extensive use. 


Amazon made good on returns and connection to the manufacturer.  

I narrowed the search down to what I thought would suit a person living alone.  And found two machines offered by the same company. 


One small enough for one alone suppers, and a larger one if she/he wants to cook big for friends, family, or freezer.

The Chefman TurboFry is a 3.6 quart air fryer in black, dishwasher safe basket, with the capacity of cooking from 200 to 400 degrees fahrenheit.  Click the pink link for all its details.


This is a convenient range for doing " vegetables, pizza, frozen foods and leftovers nice and crispy."  It's a good size fryer for the cook who wants enough for only one or two meals.


It is versatile and comes with its own cookbook.  A new model, which I recommend over refurbished, is usually offered for less than $60.00. You can check out its over 3,500 reviews for happy testimonials. 

The larger Chefman Digital Air Fryer is a black 6.3 quart air fryer, rotisserie, baker, dehydrator, and convection oven. This is a family size fryer.  Click the pink for Amazon's lengthy description.


It has a greater versatility than many other fryers of the same size. And also has over 3,000 satisfied reviews. 


It can do everything your conventional oven can do, but in much less time and without heating up the kitchen.  The price range is comparable to other fryers on the market at under $150.00. 




These both offer free shipping with or without a Prime membership. 


After reading through so many offered by Amazon I do believe that these two air fryers are the best buys for a living alone person. 


It's all up to you whether you need something small for just yourself. 


Or if you want the equipment to cook bigtime and feed your friends.

Cooking For One

 Cooking For Crowds

Best Air Fryers For Live Aloners

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