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About You

While setting up this blog I had no particular kind of person in mind as one who lived alone.  But after writing a few posts I realized that I was thinking of a woman who lived alone due to divorce, widowhood, or a lifelong preference for staying single.  

The woman in my mind was mature, past fifty probably, still holding a job and liking her life.  In fact, she was a lot like me, even though I am older than fifty.  Not going to say how old.  You can guess.


So this female group was accidentally alone for about two thirds to one third singles by choice.  Which means that more than half of the aloners had lived with others for some time and now were getting used to a home alone life. 




This is the woman I am blogging about and to.  You!  You who find yourself living alone, perhaps after years of married life with a man for company. 


Or with children who filled up the house with noise and toys and then electronic thingies and teen-age friends.  All of which kept your own life filled up, overly busy, and you thinking that this was how it would always be.  

But that's not always how it goes.  Your husband may have died, or he may have decided he needed space, or he needed a romance, or he just didn't need you. 


Which means you're much better off without him. 




So, now you are learning how to live alone, how to like your own company, how to pay all the bills yourself. 


How to find an honest handyman to fix those things you can't and not offer his sideline service to older women...said with a wink.      

I don't know your own situation, it is really none of my business. 


What is my business here in this blog I'm building is to write what I discovered by living alone.  How comfortable it can be, how freeing to have time and space to experiment and find out what I like.  Or what you might like.


And to pass that on to help other living aloners, or to make you all laugh, or just give you some ideas you have not thought of yet.  

So this is for you, blog-reader.  Treat me gently for I am soft and old and just wanting to help you love your life alone at home.

Peace, my friend.



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You All Alone

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