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The Sometimes Solo Chef 








Cooking for one is not easy.  It can be done if in a hurry, or badly having only so many ingredients on hand, or just not in the mood for much messing around in the kitchen.  In that case, it is probably better to order in.  This is the Pizza Era anyway.  So sometimes just easier to give in to it, put on your hoodie robe, find an old movie on Netflix and eat up.

But when in the mood and having all the right stuff on hand, you can be Julia Child in the privacy of your own kitchen.  No one else will see your mistakes and you have time to practice meals that will amaze your friends when you feel like showing off, or entertaining, as it is called.  Either way it'll make you feel good. 


This is one benefit of living alone.

Click Food again for easy worth-trying recipes.  I guarantee!  

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