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16 Safety Tips On Living Alone 

As a person who lives by yourself, especially if a woman, you must think of your house or apartment as a Friendly Fortress and treat it as such.

Before moving into a new home research online for the local crime rate, and any sexual predators registered in the local area.

Especially if you love entertaining and have friends over often and are used to people coming and going casually.  Even if your place has an outdoor sitting area and you are comfortable socializing outside. 

Get to know your new neighbors and, if feasible, make friends with them. You may eventually trust them enough to exchange keys for emergencies and home watch when you are on vacation.

When not having others for company in your home you need to be aware of your vulnerability.  Close drapes against the dark as otherwise your interior is like a lighted stage. 

Always remember that at night or when out of the house, it should be locked up tight, all windows, all doors.

This is not paranoid thinking, but simple safety precautions for living alone and loving it.  Having taken these measures, then you can relax and enjoy your solo life.  Stay smart, stay safe.


1.  Don't reveal in public that you live alone. 

2.  Keep your cellphone close by when at home.

3.  Keep several flashlights stashed for easy reach.

4.  Buy a toolbox for women with all basic tools needed. 

5.  Keep a list of emergency numbers on the fridge.

6.  Have a fire extinguisher and know how to use it.

7.  Keep medicine cabinet well stocked with OTCs you use.


8.  Get a dog who barks at strangers, even small will work.

9.  And again saying, keep windows closed and locked.


10.  Have deadbolts installed on doors, even for apartment.


11. Put a board or fireplace poker in well of sliding glass doors.


12. Put motion sensor lights outside if living in a house.


13. Install an alarm system if your own house.

14. If an apartment, know locations of exit doors & fire escapes.

15. Take a self defense class designed for women.


16. DON'T have a gun unless you are trained in its use!



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