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Holidays In TheTime Of Pandemic


November 29, 2020  Well, now we're past Thanksgiving with social restrictions this year due to trying to stay safe from the pandemic COVID-19 virus.  I haven't written about it before because there is already so much online.  And everyone must be sick of reading about the disease in addition to living with the threat of it. 


But to mark this current life we're all living through for the archives here, I mention our sacrifices.  All of us need to remember what we have lived through in these 2020 days in order that we do not go through it again.  Otherwise, past may truly be prologue.

Most prudent people did not gather their extended families for a shared Thanksgiving dinner.  With the virus more dangerous for older relatives, staying apart was an act of love for parents and, especially, grandparents. 


Phone calls, skype sharings, and emails had to say "I love you" from a physical distance.  I hope we all did something like this to protect the ones we love.

As for me, I am feeling in-between!  But don't really know in-between what.  It could be the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas.  This year, more of a medical no-man's land of uncertainty, while waiting for an effective vaccine to be available and distributed to all.


Maybe in-between the two, just wondering how Christmas will feel with so many people in self-imposed isolation in contrast to the family togetherness of our biggest, most beloved, holiday. 


Whether one is spiritual or not, Christmas has become our time of celebration,  reflection, awareness of and gratitude for our collective well-being.  It is more difficult, this year, to feel this way because of all the loved ones lost to families.  


The holiday will be more sad than usual.   For some, making a private memorial by having an empty place setting at the Christmas dinner table in memory and love for the one who is missing.  I know, because we did this in 1992 for our son, Jeffrey.  

Whatever my in-between misgivings, I am grateful for my family, for our health, for our shared belief that people are still kind, that we are all dealing with this pandemic the best we can with concern for each other. 


And hoping that 2021 will be a better and safer year for everyone.  

Peace and prayers.


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