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Beach Country Chowder

Good Stuff 

1/3    lb. bacon               

1      medium onion chopped

2      large baking potatoes diced   

       garlic powder, parsley, pepper

1      13 oz. can creamed corn

1      can prepared clam chowder

2      cans chopped clams with juice

1/2    lb. medium size shrimp cut in half

1/2    lb. bay scallops

1/2    pint heavy whipping cream


Saute the bacon and crumble while cooking the onion.

Put diced potato in same pan with bacon and onion, cover with water, and add seasonings.

When potatoes are soft enough to eat, stir in the corn and chowder. 


Bring back to a simmer to blend all flavors before adding the chopped  clams including juice, scallops, and shrimp.  Simmer til seafood cooked.

Add the cream and adjust salt and pepper to taste.  If the chowder is not as thick as you like, just thicken with some cornstarch in milk.

An easy seafood chowder with deep flavor, add crunchy rolls and eat.

Cook Gently

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