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Loving Your Single Life

Living alone takes courage, a willingness to fly solo, becoming

a DIY person, paying all the bills and laughing even when the

budget gets a little skimpy. Laughing is always better than crying. 


And overall you laugh more than cry.  You love this life.

Sometimes it may be hard to hide your absolute

glee at living alone when out with married friends

who still want your company, though you are living

solo to their married bliss. 

So I am here telling you not to feel guilty for your

happiness at living alone, single-never-married, divorced,

or widowed.  It is not your problem if some friendships

have become a bit iffy due to your lifestyle.  

How to keep these friendships may take a little

tact and a lot of subterfuge hiding your contentment

with a homelife that has no need for judgments or

schedules.  No curfews or excuses for anything. 

And no guilt.

The way to live alone and get along with others is

to keep to yourself some of the more pleasurable

facts of single bliss so as not to stir up any

jealousy.  A little  bit of that goes a long way to

eroding a lingering friendship.

So better to keep quiet on how much you enjoy

being the only boss at home.  How you sigh in

relief at no compromises needed to keep the peace. 

How the sheer luxury of hogging the bed never

makes you feel guilty.


How you sigh when sending home well loved but

messy grandchildren when a babysitting fun

afternoon is over.  


No otherness messing up the bathroom.  Eating

whatever whenever you want, even crumbly muffins

in the hogged bed.  And leaving books and papers

in stacks piling up everywhere til the urge to purge

strikes you.  

This is the lighter and laughable side of living alone

in your own space, your own way.  There are more

serious sides to this solitary life but laughing is easier. 

And knowing you have a good life that you enjoy will go a

long way to keeping you happy and healthy.  I guarantee!

Silence On Living Solo

Laughing All The Way

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