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Home Alone Decor With Collections

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Do you have a collection of something in your life whether you call it a collection or not.  Or do you just keep on adding to a group of things you love?  


Living alone gives you all the time and space you need in your home to indulge a love that becomes a definite collection.  


And you have the freedom to display your collection in every room, or in one special display area.

What makes up these groups can be anything and everything. It is true that you will never have enough! 


So this becomes, sometimes, a lifelong hunt for more of what you love.  And to be honest, the excitement of the hunt is part of it all.  

A few ideas here to encourage your own collecting!




The girls in my family kindly sent pictures for this post of what they have collected through the years. 

My sister, Thelma, loves pigs in any material, shape, or color.  She says they are happy, so she is, too.

Renee, my niece collects dolls, fountain pens, and boxes, while her husband prefers pewter dragons.

A few from my daughter, Leah's, collection of over a hundred dolls.  But her American Girl and Barbie dolls, alas, are packed up awaiting a move. So just a few others here.


Books are an easy collecting habit to have as they are available everywhere.  And if into old books, then you can find many at library annual sales.  Or even better in secondhand shops. 


My sister, Marlene, hunts for the old Flash Gordon Little Big Books which have become hard to find and expensive.  She also keeps adding to her group of watches, all kinds, all ages.  Keeps her happy.

I have Teddy bears in several rooms and didn't plan to make a collection, but it just sort of grew by itself.

My shelves of netsukes were bought at our local Farmer's Market from an importer and were deliberate purchases.  I find them endlessly fascinating.

And somehow over fifty handbags and scarves have lived in my closet for a long time.  Fifty each.  I love them.  So, I guess they are also collections.



I could get into the psychology of collecting but after having read the many explanations on Wikipedia and a few online opinions of psychologists, I'd rather not.

Most of it seemed to be overanalysis of people who were just doing something that makes them happy.


Finding happiness in something so easy and simple to do is the best explanation of the collecting habit. 


No psychiatrists needed or wanted here!


So indulge your happy habit. 


And let your own collections cozy up your living alone home and decorate your life. 

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