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Movies For Grown-Ups

When I was growing up my sisters and I were not allowed to go to movies.  Something about our church's views on modern morals coming out of Hollywood.

So, of course, I strained to see  over the fence surrounding  drive-in theaters when we drove past.  I longed to know what I was missing on those huge screens.  

I never got over my fascination with stories acted out on a screen, whether outdoors, in a darkened  theater, or nowadays on my own TV.   And as much as I admire many young actors I tend to prefer the stories with older people in them.   Stories for grown-ups.


Here are some worth viewing.  Some from AARP's annual list.   Some that I particularly like.   The old films have been converted to DVD, of course. 


They and all of the newer movies are available for purchase from  Amazon.  If you're like me sometimes it is not enough to just see a movie on a TV subscription channel.  I have to own it!


 If you feel the same, just click the pink!  

The Farmer's Daughter  1947

Classic Collection: Mrs. Miniver, Casablanca, Gigi, 

                                  An American in Paris

Driving Miss Daisy  1989

Cocoon  1985

Grumpy Old Men & Grumpier Old Men 1993-1995

The Bucket List  2008

Calendar Girls 2003

Secondhand Lions  2003

Somethings Gotta Give  2003

Million Dollar Baby  2005

On Golden Pond  1982

Schindler's List  1993

Going In Style  1979

RED  & RED 2  (Retired Extremely Dangerous)

Space Cowboys  2000

Skyfall  2012

The Godfather Trilogy 1972-1990

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel  2012

Las Vegas  2013

The American President  1995

The Irishman  2019

Judy  2019

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood  2019

Harriet  2019

Downton Abbey  2010-2016

O' Brother, Where Art Thou?  2002

To Catch A Thief  1955

Under The Tuscan Sun  2003

War And Peace  1956

Funny Face  1957

Sabrina  1954

The African Queen  1951

Book Club  2018

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